Services & Divisions

Reception & Cancer Registry

The receptionist create a record of all patients related information into system which had been designed to facilitate retrieved patients information for follow up purposes and also for scientific researches purposes.

Early Detection Programs & Health Education

Early detection is the key to treat most types of cancer successfully; the center is running the following programs effectively :

  • Early detection of Ca breast
  • Early detection of Ca cervix
  • Early detection of Ca prostate

These will be achieved by: Medical history takilling change the negative thoughts about malignant conditions , Medical examination, Laboratory tests ( Tumor Markers - Genetic Assay ), X-ray and supported with Ultra sonography , as well as any further evaluotary process needed if any abnormality detected.

Oncology Clinics

The center includes a group of Consultants & Specialists as wella s visiting Professionals from famous regional & international cancer centers for evaluation and assessment of the cases to set the plan of treatment and provide special medical services also includes combined clinics with surgery , histologypathology & Radiology to have better evelation of the patients. Futhermore, there is Video Coference consulatation service connect our Experts with other Experts globally.

Laboratory Department

All types of routine and specialized investigation in the:
Clinical biochemistry, Hormones, Tumors markers, Complete blood counts, Renal function test, Liver function test, Lipid profile and Electrolytes, Genetic analysis.
Available and done by modern equipments and machines that typical to the quality assurance programs.

Radiology Department

Diagnostic X-Ray
Ultra- songraphy : Helps to differentiate between types of tumors (cystic and solid), and can be used safely among all patients. With three probes for the Brest U/S,
Abdomen – pelvic, thyroid, vaginal and ECHO.

Clinical Pharmacy

Provides all Drugs needed :

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal Treatment
  • Target & Genetic Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Supportive Medicines

Provided from International Companies , and preparation of chemotherapy according to standard protocols with (bio safety cabinet Device).

Nursing & Therapeutic Implementation

Includes nurses with excellent experinces in dealing with cancer patients and provides medical care and support. Nurse station includes sterilization section for any instrument or cotton piece to avoid infection or contamination , especially for cancer immune compromised patients.

Addmission Rooms

KOSC’s rooms designed to make patients feel comfortable; and due to the patient's desire, privacy and their health state has been diversify the rooms into :

  • Long stay chemotherapy (Room)
  • Short stay chemotherapy (Chair)

All rooms are equipped with full medical tools required (Digital Infusion Pump, Syringe Infusion Pump, Ne Bulizer, Monitor, Suction).

Palliative Care and Psychological Support Department

Makes the patient free of the physical and psychological pain through providing health care, psychological and social support which improving the quality of life.
Our Goals Are :

  • Help the patient to accept his illness(cancer).
  • Improve the psychological &emotional status.
  • To make the patient free of pain, depression, sleeping disorders and fears.
  • Support the individual’s ability and train the patient to how he can change hisbehavior and concept towards his disease.

Nutritional Support Department

For cancer patients & cachexia with total parent enalnutrition, with diet specialist.
Healthy diet is one of the most important services provided to patients, by a Nutritional Specialist, especially for those who suffer from sever weight loss (Cachexia).
Health nutrition is necessary to assist the work of the immune system, and to prevent and reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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